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High Traffic Academy logo screenshot

High Traffic Academy logo screenshot

Overall Ranking: 5 out of 11
Free for 14-day introductory course,  to $297 per month for elite membership.
Plus more paid for programs. (more information below)
Owner: Vick Strizheus
Website: https://hightrafficacademy.com/

My first impressions of High Traffic Academy

I came across High Traffic Academy whilst searching for how to make money online. It was being promoted on a blog (most likely affiliate site) and the article was good and felt honest and talked about the frustrations of failing through ‘get rich quick’ schemes and losing money on that stuff. It then talked about an internet marketing program which is 14 days free of charge (no credit card) and it mentioned it was by High Traffic Academy. It sounded convincing so I signed up for further instructions but I didn’t get a reply. Two days later, no sign, so I decided to look up High Traffic academy and I came across a brilliant looking professional website, with inspirational quotes from the I guess the ‘main’ people involved with the program. It also showed how they have offices in California and in London, which made me think that these guys must be legit and they most probably are. So far so good, read on to see if it is the real deal!

High Traffic Academy homepage screenshot

High Traffic Academy homepage screenshot

What is High Traffic Academy?

High Traffic Academy (HTA) was founded by Vick Strizheus and it is an internet marketing video training course. Vick has a promotional video about HTA on the main website and he claims that HTA can teach people how to generate high and good quality traffic that provides conversions. HTA offers a series of training videos to teach people how to build an email marketing list with certain traffic generation methods. HTA focuses on building landing pages that convert and also teaches you some tricks to boost conversions.

Tools and Training

I have to admit, despite being cheesy Vick’s video is rather convinicng and intrigued to find out more and get involved I went through the programs HTA offers and it seemed like they offer quite a few. The first one in line is the free 14-day program called Project Breakthrough.

High Traffic Academy - Project Breakthrough logo screenshot

Project Breakthrough logo screenshot

In the promotional video Vick talks about High Traffic Academy’s targets for the program which include:

  1. Earn a commission online
  2. Understand how to do it over again and repeat the process
  3. Scale and leverage your campaign (and your business)

This seemed pretty straight forward so I signed up for the free 14 day program to see how it fairs.

High Traffic Academy - Project Breakthrough - Introduction video screenshot

Project Breakthrough – Introduction video screenshot

The training involves good quality and comprehensive videos that are long and can have a lot of motivational speak in them. Vick and his business partner (Jason McClain) also take a long time to get the point, especially when you get started.

The videos cover various topics such as, setting goals, the ins and outs of affilaite marketing and learning about the different ways to generate traffic.

High Traffic Academy - Project Breakthrough Day 3 screenshot

Project Breakthrough Day 3 screenshot

However, by Day 3 Vick and Jason try to get you to sign up to the elite membership. Vick even says that becoming an elite member is “not optional if you want big results” as it will “open up 26 additional income streams” plus more features.

They even say that the people listening to the video should follow them blindly. Hmmm. I don’t know about that.

I have got to hand it to Vick and Jason though, they are very passionate about their product to the point where they got me really hyped up. However, even though I was hyped by this point I already knew the monthly cost of being a member. How would you feel if you clicked that join button and saw this (below) without prior knowledge of the pricing?

High Traffic Academy - Elite Mastermind membership sign up screenshot

Elite Mastermind membership sign up screenshot

I don’t know about you, but I would be shocked and very disappointed, especially if you are still just starting out! Just like Jason himself had mentioned in the Day 3 video about how he wants that quick profit because he has the mortgage and rent to pay. But how can you gain quick profit when you have to pay an extortionate amount even before you have made a penny?!

High Traffic Acadmey’s Affiliate Program

High Ttraffic Academy has an affiliate program, which gives members the chance to become affiliates for a fee. This is quite popular hence why you usually find good reviews for HTA around the web. They might be positive reviews, but are they truly honest? It might depend on whether you like spending a lot of money up front to start your own online business.

How much does High Traffic Academy Cost?

  •  The Breakthrough Project – First 14 days worth of training videos are free
  • $297/month for the Elite Mastermind membership package
  • $1997 (annually) Core Training
  • $997 (annually) PPC Mastery
  • $297 (annually) Retargetting Adwords
  • and 20 more other programs with similar prices.

The costs don’t stop their because the traffic for the campaigns you set up are paid traffic and the money for that comes out of your pocket. That means, you need a big budget to get started with High Traffic Academy. A rule for me when starting my own online business is to ensure I pay very low start up costs if any at all.

What I liked about High Traffic Academy (Pros)

  • A lot of valueble information in the course
  • The llayout of interface is simple and easily accessible to users
  • Good and professional videos.

What I didn’t like about High Traffic Academy (Cons)

  • High Traffic Academy memebership is VERY EXPENSIVE
  • The information provided at HTA for a price can be obtained for free from around the web
  • Need money to buy traffic
  • No community to network with

Is High Traffic Academy worth it? Final Verdict

After my research on High Traffic Academy, I’ve come to the realisation that this program is good but just too expensive. There is no doubt that HTA has great training videos, however why would you want to pay extortionate amounts of money to learn something that you can probably find for free or for lower cost elsewhere online? I personally think that people (especially those who are just starting out) would be more attracted to HTA and feel more comfortable if  the membership prices were reasonable.

For example, a free for life basic starter membership and a decently priced optional premium membership, just like a program that I am inloved in offers, which you can read about in my review.

However, saying that, the reality is that this is not the case with HTA, and this is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t recommend High Traffic Academy.

I am part of a program called Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say that I am really lucky as it offers so much great value and for very little. Below is a comparison table for what High Traffic Academy offers compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate vs High Traffic Academy
Features High Traffic Academy
Is it easy to get help?  Yes
Private coaching available?   No
Can you Contact the Owners?   Yes
Is there a live chat?   No
Is there step-by-step training?  Yes
Are free websites included?   No
Is web hosting included?   Not Clear
Can you try for free?   Yes
Is there a keyword research tool?   Not Clear
Is there an affiliate program?  Yes
Do I recommend this?  No
My Overall Rating 5 out of 11

Thank you for reading and please comment below if you have had any experiences with High Traffic Academy (good or bad) :).

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2 thoughts on “What is High Traffic Academy?

  • Michelle


    I have heard of High Traffic Academy before but none of it was good! Namely the price was referred to as being over the top and like you say you can source the information online for free.

    They also have a lot of sales hype which severely put me off. I would definetly recommend Wealthy Affiliate over HTA any day. Thanks for sharing.

    kind Regards