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Make-Money-With-Ads-On-Your-WebsiteSo, let’s say you have a website that you have spent a lot of time on and have managed to produce a lot of good quality content for. As a result you have attracted a good number of traffic and now it’s time to take advantage of one of the ways to make money with your website, and that’s online advertising. You can advertise other companies on your website if your website becomes an authoirty site. This means that your website is able to pull in tons of traffic on a regular basis. This is a requirement if you want companies to be interested in advertising themselves on your site.


However, if you are starting out still and you aren’t attracting heap loads of traffic for your site yet, don’t worry because you can still earn money through online advertising, even if you have relatively low or moderate traffic.

Some people (especially newbies) have the misconception that you need to have a famous website before you can start online advertsing. Well the truth is anyone who has a website can start advertising on the internet.

Below are some of the Methods of how you can Earn from Online Advertising:

How Can I Promote an Affiliate Product, Program or Company?

You can join an affiliate program of various companies where you (as an affiliate to that company) can promote their products/service through your site. This could be done through banners relating to the company you’re promoting. You can also write an article about a specific product/service or even about the whole company itself. Then you would add links in to the article for readers to click and be redirected to the affiliate companies website. If the reader purchases a product through your referral then you are rewarded through a commission. This practise is also referred to as Affiliate Marketing and you can read more about it in detail here.

How do I use Google AdSense to earn Money?

When you add the Google AdSense program to your website, Google generates and places targeted text ads on to your site, which allows you to generate money. There are various ads that are placed in rectangular banners down the side or at the bottom of web pages with ‘Ads by Google’ on the top of the ads. These ads are paid by businesses that are part of Google’s pay-per-click program, AdWords. The ads that are placed on your site relate to the theme and content of your site. For example, if your website is about cupcakes for instance, the ads may be based on the theme of  cupcakes or anything else that relates to them.

You earn money every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the AdWords banners advertised on your site. Another benefit of Google AdSense is that it is free and they do all the work for you when finding adverts that relate to your site. Unfortunately though, Google Adsense doesn’t work on all sites.



Can I Approach the Companies I want to Advertise Directly?

If you have a lot of traffic on your site, you can approach specific companies that specialise in products that relate to the theme of your website. If your ad campaign for the company you are advertising is successful you can ask for more commission as well.

Be careful when choosing a company to advertise on your site. Be sure that they have a good and solid reputation, because if they don’t it can also make your website look bad. When approaching a company it is better to call them directly and speak with them in a professional manner. Be sure to also share information with them about traffic data for your site and they will be more likely to consider partenring up with you.

Below are Different Types of Payment Schemes for Online Advertising:

Pay Per Impression (CPM)

In this scheme you are paid depending on the number of times a company’s banner is shown on your website. The abbreviation (CPM) stands for cost per thousand, with the M being the Latin numeral for a thousand. And your earnings are calculated according to the number of a thousand impressions the ad banner receives. Impressions mean the number of times the banner is displayed on your site. An example of the pay scheme would be that you would recieve $5 per a thousand impressions. Although the typical earnings per a thousand impressions are small, it is relatively easy to earn money through it. This is because a user only has to visit your site without having to click on the banner itself. This is also referred to a “high conversion rate” and you can automatically earn more the more visitors you attract to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is when you are paid when visitors to your website click on the ad banners that are displayed there. The conversion rate depends on how attracted people are to the ad banners. There is a higher pay rate with PPC than there is with CPM and it has a higher conversion rate than the Pay Per Sale payment scheme. Technically, a site with high traffic will do better and have more clicks than a site with low traffic. But it also depends on the quality of ads that are selected to be displayed on your site. So for example, if ads have been selected based on the theme of your site, they would suit the target audience better.

Pay Per Sale or Lead (Sometimes referred to as Cost Per Action or CPA)

Whilst this payment scheme has the lowest rate of conversion, it does have the highest pay rate. You can only earn money with this method if the visitor clicks on an ad banner or hyperlink and purchases a product/service or takes another action like (signing up/subscribing) to the company being advertised. Similar to the Pay Per Click method, you gain more success if the banners and links are based on your site’s theme, which would appeal to your target audience.

Payment is made after your earnings reach a certain amount, to save companies writing checks for every time you earn from a click, impression or conversion. For example, if you reach let’s say $50 then your earnings would be released to you.

There are various ways to earn money through advertising online and it really pays off to be involved with all methods. The key to be succesful with them as well is to ensure you have continuous high traffic on your site. That takes time and commitment to build, but it is well worth it in the end and it can be done with regularly creating content for your site. Content is King!

If you have any more pointers about online advertising, questions or comments please leave a comment below.

This article was written by Ahmet.

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  • Hannah

    Great advice. Adsense is a great way to supplement one’s online income. How much you earn does very much depend on your niche and which keywords you use on your page though. Some niches I find that the pay is so low that it is just not worth bothering. then again, extra money is a always good, no matter how little!

    • Ahmet Post author

      Hi Hannah, thank you for your comment. Yeah, when you first start off with ads on your website it seems like little earnings but like you said it’s better than nothing and it’s a start. Plus its about working hard to build content to attract more visitors to your sites, which will improve results in the long run and it is worth it in the end. Thanks again, All the best.

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