How to Monetise your Website


How to monetise your websiteOne of the best ways to generate an income nowadays is with your own website. You can literally make money while you sleep.

But how do you generate money through your own website?

Well, there are many different ways of doing that for example, you create content that people would be interested in that attracts visits to your site. If you keep consistent with building quality content then you can advertise on your website. Another way of creating income is by reviewing products or services and attaching affiliate links to the reviews. If someone buys the product or service you reviewed you autimatically earn yourself a commission.

Fortunately, nowadays it is very easy to start your own website and anyone can do it. It costs very little to buy your domain name and subcribe to a web hosting provider. To attract your first visitors to your website, you can use the social media avenue, by posting links to your content on to various sites such as facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and many more.

What do I mean by content?

Content on a website means such things as blogs/articles about specific topics. You can make your website about anything you want it to be, you just have to make sure the content is useful to people who read it. This is how you will attract visitors on a consistent level. It is always useful to look for trends to base your articles/blog posts on.

How do you monetise your content?

Once you have completed writing your content, you can add certain things to it, which would start generating income for your website. These things include adverts on your website, as well as affiliate links to products and services that your website is associated to. You can use Google Adsense to add adverts to your website which will generate income for you. You can also become an affiliate marketer which is when you become an affiliate to a comapny that sells a product or provides a service. You advertise this company through your blogs/articles and if a reader clicks on the affiliate link you can potentially start earning commissions. Click this link if you want to read more about Affiliate Marketing.

How do you build a website with ease?

Luckily, nowadays you don’t have to be a website designer or a web developer to buld your own website. You wouldn’t have to hire any of these people either to build you your website. This would cost you a lot of money. You can save money by joining various blog sites such as word press or blogger. These types of websites facilitate what you need to build your own website and they have user friendly interfaces to make the expereince a good one. You can also buy your domain names through these types of websites.

How I made this website

This website was made with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, which is a website that provides you with user friendly and step by step courses to help you build and monetise your own website using affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate also has a large online community, which gives you the opportunity to network with others who are doing the same thing. You are also able to directly message the owners of the website, which gives you a great advantage as they can mentor you on how to improve your website as well.

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