Make money by becoming a ‘Clickworker’


Make money by becoming a clickworkerThe Clickworker website allows ordinary internet users like you and me to make money by offering people small jobs that can be completed in a short period of time for cash.

The types of jobs that Clickworker offers for internet users worldwide include creating text, data categorization, copy editing, proof reading, web research, and filling out surveys. The website provides a good amount of categories and you can choose which ever one you want, however you could also specialise in some areas too depending on what you like. Below gives you some extra information about each category and should help you decide which category or categories you would like to go for, if not for all of them.

Screen Shot of the Clickworker website

Screen Shot of the Clickworker website


Creating Text

The ‘Creating Text’ job category is great for writers or people who like to write for a hobby. If you like taking notes about certain topics then this would be ideal for you. Clickworker requires writers to create text for them based on a template or a predifined topic. You can write about almost anything, if not everything, like descriptions of hotels, cities, software programs or fashion items, the list goes on with various other topics.

Data Categorization

If you are a person who likes to analyse data files such as videos, photos or documents and then likes to categorise them, then this category might be for you. ‘Clickworker’ provides people with opportunities to evaluate, analyse and categorise the content of websites, search results, documents and images.

Copy Editing

As a copy editor you would be reading and correcting specific texts. If you enjoy editing short texts based on different topics such as cities or products then this category might be right up your alley.


Proof readers read certain texts and assess it in terms of its grammar, spelling and style of writing. The proof readers comments help the authors reflect on and improve their work. The texts would include descriptions of cities, products, hotels or software.

Web Research

Web researchers get a chance to search for specific data online such as contact information for a restaurant or other types of businesses and localities. So if you enjoy this sort of thing then why not give it a go.


If you enjoy filling out surveys and giving your opinion on various topics then this category could be for you.

How does Clickworker work?

Using Clickworker is very simple and straightforward. Firstly, after signing up to the website you have to complete your user profile. Then you complete short assessments to see which type of job category or categories suit you the best. If you have good results from the short assessments then this would ensure many jobs for you to take on. When you complete these jobs online you can start getting paid on a weekly or monthly basis.

Benefits for you with Clickworker

If you deliver good quality work, then your earnings can increase. The great thing about ‘Clickworker’ is that you can work from home and complete work in your spare time. So even if you have a day job you can still earn some extra money on the side. ‘Clickworker’ takes care with the distribution of jobs to you and they take care of all the payments for you. You can get paid through SEPA or Paypal on a weekly or monthly basis.

Signing up

When you have signed up you need to fill in your profile such as filling in your contact details as well as your interests, hobbies and experience. This will give Clickworker a good idea about which types of jobs are best suited for you. Once you have set up your profile the jobs start populating your profile. When I first signed up I was presented with 4 job opportunties. Three of them involved using my mobile phone or tablet, two of which required me to make videos. One job was a based on filling out surveys. I was also presented with a special promotion, which involved me recruiting others to ‘Clickworker’. The deal was that every time any new member that I referred earned 10 Euros I would earn 5 Euros.

Screen Shot of the jobs section of the Clickworker website

Screen Shot of the jobs section of the Clickworker website

User Interface

The profile page has a good and clean design and is pretty simple and easy to navigate. There are various options to explore on the user friendly profile page. The home page contains a bulletin board with the latest jobs available to you. Each job ad contains a title for the jobs which includes a brief description of what you have to do. There was only one job when I signed up that didn’t have a brief description of what I had to do, but instead said ‘for smartphones and tablets only’. Therefore, there are some jobs that require you to be using a specific devise like the ones stated. Some jobs even tell you how much money you could earn. For example, the very first job I recieved was a job where you had to ‘Record 3 selfie videos about your shopping experiences’ and it stated that you could earn 15 euros for each job. Each job advertised contains a time limit, for example the time limit for one job was 480 minutes, where another job’s time limit was only 60 minutes.

Next to the ‘All Jobs’ tab there is a ‘Offers & Promotions’ tab and these are provided by partners of Clickworker, and it is clearly stated that the offers provided have no relation to the services provided by Clickworker. Your profile seems to be updated with new jobs on a regular basis, because when I signed up I recieved a new job about 20 to 25 minutes after I first logged in, adding to my orginal 4 jobs making it 5.

There is a news column linked to Clickworkers blog is to the right of the ‘All Jobs’ and ‘Offers & Promotions’ tabs. The blog seems to have article pieces on apps and technology and other articles talking about quizzes and competitions that you could take part in to win prizes.

My thoughts on ‘Cllickworker’ so far

Clickworker seems to be a great website to earn some extra cash in your spare time. From what I have experienced so far, they definately deliver in terms of small jobs that can be completed quickly. However, from the looks of it not all jobs would appeal to me such as making selfie videos, which might be preffered by some one else. I’m more of the survey or proof reading guy and I’m sure I’ll recieve those types of jobs too sooner or later.

If you have had experience with Clickworker whether good or bad please leave a comment below!



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