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How to Make Money by writing and publishing a Kindle Book

Get writing!

If you are fond of writing then you can earn money by putting your writing skills to good use and writing a Kindle Book to sell on the Amazon Kindle Store. Even if you don’t write for a living anyone can publish their own eBook. Your market would be huge (literally global) because the Kindle app is very popular and people can get it on a wide variety of devices i.e. laptops, tablets, smartphones and ofcourse Kindles. So whether you are a novice at writing or have been writing professionally for years, you can get started with your own exciting  book writing project.

Kindle Direct Publishing Website Screenshot

Kindle Direct Publishing Website Screenshot

Publishing your book

Being able to publish your own Kindle Book on Kindle Direct Publishing has revolutionised the writer’s world because once you have written your book, the next step of publishing it has become a WHOLE lot easier. Traditionally, when an author writes a book, the long process of getting their work published begins. You would have to find an agent and write query letters to publishers and a whole lot more. Trying to get your book published traditionally, could take weeks, months or even years. However, luckily for authors Kindle Direct Publishing can publish your book for free and can appear in the Amazon Kindle store within about a day or two! Readers can purchase your Kindle title as an eBook or as a paperback copy. How amazing is that! Another great thing about Kindle Direct Publishing is that they give you access to real-time reports to your book sales. You can even create your own author page on author central in Amazon, where you can present a personalised profile of your self and your work to your readers.

Amazon Kindle Store ScreenshotAmazon Kindle Store Screenshot

Amazon Kindle Store Screenshot

Selling your book

As the author you can choose the price that you want to sell it for and you can earn up to an impressive 70% of the sale! You decide what your content will be about and it can be any genre that you want it to be. You can also write non-fiction eBooks, which could for instance provide solutions for everyday common problems that people may have. For example, ‘Best ways to save money on a budget’ or any other topics that could relate to work, travelling, cooking, exercise, healthy diets or even training cats etc (The world is your oyster). This opportunity is especially great if you are good at researching, so this sort of project would be great for students. What you would have have to do to create this type of content is to research into a particular topic and organise the information in to an easy-to-digest Kindle Book, which could entice potential customers.

publish your own eBook

                                                                                                         Publish your own eBook

Marketing tips

There are many tips for making your eBook stand out once publshed and on the market.

1. Good Cover Design

One way of making it stand out is to design a good and eye-catching front cover.

2. Customer Reviews

It is also very important to get customer reviews and the more reviews you have the higher you come up in the results. Always encourage readers to leave honest reviews at the end of your book as this will help you improve your book or it can help you with any potential future projects.

3. Promoting your work on specialist directories/forums

A great way of promoting your book is through directory/forum sites. This is where you can start getting your vital initial reviews for your book, which would help get the word out there. Your going to have to be prepared to initially give your book away for free on these types of sites, but it will help with getting your reviews. Another good way to get noticed is by starting and aiming to be amongst the most popular discussions or posts (about your book) on these sites.  You have to make sure that you engage with every person that leaves a comment on your post and ask them to leave an honest review for your book on Amazon.

4. Setting up a mailing list

Other ways of getting people to leave reviews and getting the word about your book out there is by setting up your own mailing list and gaining subscribers. If you have your own website/blog about your work you can set a mailing list up on there, which would help with gaining reviewers and broadening the interest in your book.

5. Your own website

Your website/blog could have articles directly based on your book or articles that relate to the themes of your book, where you can also add promotional links and content. Read my article on how to make your own website in a simple a straight forward way, even if you are a beginner.

6. Social media

Your articles can be posted on various social media sites, which is also a very effective way of getting people talking about your work. On these social media sites, such as Facebook, you can set up your own groups or pages. Or you could find relevant groups/pages, where you can post comments or links for promoting your book. Free give aways of your book to attract reviewers is a good way to build up interest as well. Other social media sites such as Twitter are also great to for promotion, and using pictures in your tweets is more likely to attract readers to your content. A good feature on Twitter is the Trending topics, especially the popular ones, as you can utlise them in an effective way by linking them to your product. Try your best to make the Trending topics relevant to your book. Other great social media sites include Google+, Instagram and Pinterest amongst many more that offer great ways of promoting your book.

The Verdict on publishing your own Kindle Book

Publishing and selling your own Kindle Book or books is a great way to earn a long-term and passive income and it has now become so much easier with Kindle Direct Publishing.

If you have had any experience in publishing your own eBooks online please leave comments below.


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  • Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing your post on writing kindle books. I am also interest in writing ebooks because this is also a good business to get into. It is my desire to also be a person who can write ebooks because at this point I am about to try my hand at writing ebooks. Your post is well detailed and fill with tons of great information. Would it be ok to private message you to know more about how to go about this.

  • Jen

    Interesting! You always see kindle books for sale but I’ve honestly never thought about writing one of my own. I’m a blogger myself and you bring up some interesting points… I could write a kindle book, use it to leverage my website, and also vice versa. This is something to consider. You definitely have my wheels turning. Thanks for this!

  • Adrian

    This does look like a great way to set up another stream of income beside blogging and it is certainly worth consideration.

    I was thinking if I did this, then I could promote it through my website and also it could be offered to your mailing list as well; what I do like about this is that it’s a product that you have created and if it manages to sell, then that’s great.

    You have certainly given me something to think about and what does make it easier is going through Kindle Direct Publishing rather than through some publishing agent.

  • Guy

    Publishing my own Kindle book is something that interest me a lot. I always like writing. But writing more non fictional stuff than fictional one. I heard about a program called Kindle Mastery. Have you heard of it?. To me it looks like a good program to help you write and publish one. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions, good books that can help me write a Kindle?

    • Ahmet Post author

      Hi there, thanks for your comment. I will check the Kindle mastery out, thanks. I came across a book on amazon called Write Short Kindle Books. It looks helpful. Thanks