How to Make Money at Home by Recycling Mobile Phones


How to make money by selling your old phonesWhen you have decided that you want to change your mobile phone, you then have to decide what you want to do with your old phone. You have various options from keeping it as a spare, giving it away to family or friends, or you could even sell it for cash! The choice is yours…

If you want to get a decent amount, there are a few conditions that your old mobile phone has to meet before it is eligible for being sold for a higher price.

Your old phone has to be in a reaonable condition, with only mild cosmetic damage. It has to have its original bettery and has to be able to be switched on. If your old mobile phone meets these requirements then you are good for good quotes!

If your old mobile phone is faulty then it would be worth significantly less than if it was in a good working condition. You don’t usually need to provide a charger for when selling your mobile phone, and if you have  kept your charger than you can use it as a spare or sell it on ebay or other similar sites.

As well making some money, there are many other reasons why it is really good to recycle your old mobile phone.

Recyling your phone is good for the environment

Recyling your phone is good for the environment

Did you know…

As well as earning some extra cash by selling any of your old phones, at the same time you are also contributing to helping the environment. One of the ways that mobile phone recycling companies make there money is by refurbishing the phones they buy for resale.

Mobile phone recycling companies also make money by stripping down old mobile phones to salvage the raw materials. Mobile phones contain valuable metals such as gold, silver and titanium. The mobile phone recycling companies take these elements and resell them for profit. Recycling mobile phones in this way also benefits the environment because it is cheaper than mining, which in turn makes it unnecessary.

In the UK people buy about 15 million mobile phones a year and we recycle about 6 million of our old mobile phones. A British mobile phone recycling company called Fonebank said that the average pay out for a phone is about £45, however they could go up to about £400 for newer and more sophisticated smart phones. They don’t only buy mobile phones but also other gadgets as well such as iPads.

It is a very simple process to sell your old phone. Once you accept an offer that you are happy with you simply post your old phone to the company that you did business with and a few days later you should receive a cheque, bank transfer or a gift voucher of the same value. Ypu choose how you would like to recieve your payment.

A few things to consider before selling your phone

A few things to consider before your sell your phone

A few things to consider before your sell your phone

Although, selling your mobile phone sounds tempting, there are a few things to think about before you do.

Getting the best price

The prices you get can vary by more than about £100 depending on which companies you find, therefore a thorough search would be worth your while.


Think of how much informaton is stored on your mobile phone. Do you really want a stranger possibly having access to valuable information? If you use your mobile phone for social networking and online banking, you need to make sure that you delete all of your data from your old mobile phone.

It is very simple to get this done, because all mobile phones have a function where you can reset it to the original factory settings. You would most likely find this funtion by going to the settings of your mobile phone and finding the reset button to restore the orginal factory settings. You need to make sure you do this before posting off your mobile phone.

You can also plug your mobile phone in to your PC or laptop to see what is being stored in it. This helps you decide what you would want to delete or keep. However, the best option would be to completely wipe it clean with the reset to factory settings button to make sure your mobile phone hasn’t got any of your personal information.


There is a chance that your mobile phone could get lost in the post, therefore it is a very good idea to post it with the Royal Mail Special Delivery service. It usually costs just over £5 but your package is insured for up to £500. This is a great thing to do, especially if you are sending off a higher value mobile phone.

Comparing prices around the internet

When you have decided that you want to sell your phone for cash, it is well worth comparing prices offered to you for your phone. You need to make sure you conduct a thorough search on the internet to find the phone recycling company with the best offer. Don’t just stick to the compare websites, but also check the individual company websites.

For example if you ran a search to see what is being offered for the iPhone 3GS (32GB) you can find offers that range from £75-£115 possibly more.

Other examples, include the HTC Desire where prices for it can range from about £56 to £170. Another example, is the Blackberry Curve where prices for it range from about £27 to £55. However, you could possibly get a higher price for it like £72 on ebay.

Online auction sites

Recycling your phone isnt the only option, because you can get better deals if you list your phone on various online auction sites such as ebay. The good thing about these types of sites is that as well as being able to make money by selling your old stuff, you can also pick up some bargains with second hand mobile phones or other gadgets.

Always compare prices

The amount for the offers that you recieve, does not only depend on what your old mobile phone is or what site you look at. It also depends on the day you search for prices, because it depends on what the sites are sourcing for at the time. The main point that people have to remember when trying to find a good offer for their old mobile phone or other old gadgets is that people should never ever go for the first price they see. A good and thorough search is essential and from as many sites as you can to get the best price.

Some mobile phone recycling websites to browse:

If you know of any sites that have offered great quotes for your old mobile phones, please write a comment below.


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