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Welcome to I Want to Make Money at Home,

The aim of this site is to help as many people as possible to build their own successful home-based business. The site contains blogs based on a variety of different ways that you can make money at home. I Want to Make Money at Home was built with the support of Wealthy Affiliate, an educational platform based on affiliate marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate (WA) educates you about how you can build and monetise your own website whilst basing it on something that you are passionate about.  You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate in my review.

Talk to me!
Feel free to post any comments about what you think about the Wealthy Affiliate link or about home-based business or online business in general.

I would love to hear about your own experiences with setting up your own businesses whether it be online or otherwise.

If you have any questions, need support or have any comments and suggestions about my website, feel free to post a comment below.

Or you can always visit my profile on Wealthy Affiliate here,  and if you join Wealthy Affiliate through me, I will follow you right away and you will be able to network with me personally.


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8 thoughts on “About

  • Robert Gee

    You have a great about me page, one of the biggest parts of internet marketing is putting a face with your brand. When you build authority for this niche there going to know you by your face not your brand because it comes with it. I really like your website I will definitely share your content.

  • Melinda

    I want to make money at home too! lol
    I think that is becoming the way of the world. I love the fact that you are a teacher. I have met a lot of teachers in Live Chat at Wealthy Affiliate.
    Good luck!
    ~ Melinda

  • Kari75

    I like your site. It is very easy to move around in. Your about me page is awesome! I felt I could identify with you, and that you are genuinely wanting to help others succeed as well as yourself. It established for me a kinda link to you and immediate trust. You remained pretty objective as well on your article about MOBE and MTTD, which also inspired me to trust what you were saying about your opportunity, and the fact that you just honestly told me what you were offering and offered side by side help. I also liked the way you asked for comments. I’m not very experienced with this yet so I hope I gave you a decent review. I really like the feel of it, if that makes sense. It’s well informed friendly professional and concise. I hope I’ll be able to do as well. I have to fill out some of my pages first. I hope you don’t mind that I peeked at your site, when mine isn’t quite ready yet.

    • Ahmet Post author

      Hey there, Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate your feedback. I want to make sure I am fair and accurate as possible with what I write and I want to make sure I deliver an honest article to my readers. Thanks again.

  • Sue Luikart

    Your website is awesome. I have never heard of CSM, but my husband and I have paid thousands of dollars into several websites promising to make you a million if you join them. Then when we joined, it was way over our understanding and we couldn’t get help. Your site will differently help people get to the right training. We have been members of WA for 7 months now. Hoping we can do as good as you did.
    I also like your About Me page. I feel the more people learn about you, the more the will trust you.

    Good job.

    Bill and Sue

    • Ahmet Post author

      Hey there Bill and Sue, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear about that and the fact that you couldn’t get help. I believe the best way to dip your toe into internet marketing and learning how to build your own business is choosing to try out various websites that offer free starter memberships (and with out needing a credit card as well), in order to see what that website has to offer, just like Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again.